In Acts 29 Europe we want 100% of all funds donated to go directly to support the work of church planters. Therefore, if you (as an individual or a church) are interested in helping to fund a church plant, we will happily put you in direct contact with a planter in need of funds. You will build a relationship with that planter, and learn first hand about the needs, challenges and opportunities that he is facing. You can pray for the work as the gospel is spread, and praise and thank God as lives are changed. You will know the joy of seeing a church grow from scratch to a self-supporting fellowship that in turn begins to give to another church planter starting from scratch.

In this simple way, all the funds given to support church plants are continually being freed up to support even more plants. In time, the pool of available resources will grow and the pace of planting will quicken exponentially. The possibilites are incredibly exciting because God seems to be raising up an army of planters to reach the darkest regions of Europe.


Please note that gifts made to A29 Europe may provide a tax deduction for citizens of various countries. Since A29 Europe is a registered public charity in England & Wales, please consult your tax advisor for guidance on the potential deductibility of your gift. Please also note, donors in the United States may not deduct gifts given directly to foreign (non-US) charities. A tax deduction may not be important or necessary for you, so please consult your tax advisor for additional counsel. If a deduction for US tax purposes is important to you, you may make your contribution to Acts 29 Network, a US Public Charity, and note your gift with a preference for church planting in Europe. For your convenience, you may click here to access giving options to Acts 29 Network. All gifts given to Acts 29 Network are under its complete discretion and control, in accordance with provisions of the US federal taxing authority.

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